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Health Coaching

With a profound dedication to empowering individuals facing chronic health challenges, I specialise in the management of conditions like fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, and long Covid.  I bring a wealth of knowledge and an empathetic approach to my practice.

My journey into health coaching was fueled by a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of complementary and alternative medicine. My approach is characterised by a blend of health coaching, nutritional therapy, and a range of other holistic practices, underpinned by the latest research and my extensive training in the field.

At the heart of my practice is a commitment to personalised care. I understand that each client's journey is unique, especially when navigating the complexities of chronic illnesses. With this in mind, I meticulously craft individualised wellness plans that not only address physical symptoms but also foster emotional well-being and resilience.

Beyond my one-on-one coaching, I am a passionate educator. I conduct workshops and training sessions in Manchester, and beyond, sharing my insights on health, wellness, and the power of health coaching and alternative therapies. My sessions are renowned for their depth, accessibility, and practicality, making complex health concepts understandable and applicable for all.

My expertise is not just rooted in my professional qualifications but also in my continuous quest for knowledge. I keep abreast of the latest developments in health coaching, nutrition, and alternative therapies, ensuring my clients benefit from the most current and effective strategies.

Whether it's through my coaching, workshops, or speaking engagements, my goal remains steadfast: to guide individuals toward a healthier, more vibrant life, even in the face of chronic health challenges.


One-off session - £150.00 - 1 hour, plus follow-up by email

5 months Health Coaching Package*  - £600.00 Includes initial consultation plus 4 x monthly follow-up sessions (5 in total)

10 months Health Coaching Package
* - £1000.00 Includes initial consultation plus 9 x monthly follow-up sessions (10 in total)

*Weekly or twice-monthly sessions can be arranged.   Both packages come with weekly email check-ins.

** Would you like to access low-cost Health Coaching?  Through my training company, I can organise supervised sessions with one of our Level 5 Health Coach students.  Please contact me for further information **


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