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Being a part of Active Health Group's 'not-for-profit' ethos,  I firmly believe in the power and necessity of giving back to the community through not-for-profit initiatives. Giving back is not merely a noble endeavour but a crucial aspect of fostering a healthier, more connected society.   

As part of this ethos, I support my local community and the global one with various projects.

I offer free lifesaver first aid training, talks on healthy eating and lifestyle changes on a budget, and scholarships to our accredited practitioner-level health and wellbeing training courses. 

I am also proud to be supporting Active Health Malawi, where we have built a small musculoskeletal clinic and trained therapists to offer free treatments to their community.   

Please contact me if you would like to get involved with voluntary projects in your local community.   If you are in Manchester, please also check out the Monastery website for details of their free health and well-being offerings.

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