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Add the Wow Factor to Your Coaching or Therapy Business and Boost Client Satisfaction

How do you create a long-lasting relationship with clients that adds value for both you and them? Add the wow factor to your coaching or Therapy business.


What’s the Wow Factor?

When you wow a client, it means you’ve exceeded their expectations. Your service surprises and delights them, hence the name. Your goal is to get an enthusiastic (if not literal) “Wow!” from every client.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. They’re expecting a weekly hour-long coaching or therapy session that focuses on their problems and offers solutions. After signing up and before their first session, offer them a free gift of an eBook, with tips to overcome the specific issues they’re facing.

You’ve already blown them away by going above and beyond. Just imagine how energised they’ll be when they sit down for their first session.


Why We Wow

There are 3 simple reasons why the wow factor works:

1.   You deliver more value. Everyone wants to get added value from their purchases and your coaching or therapy clients are no exception. They signed up for 8 sessions, but you’ve unexpectedly given them more. Now your coaching or therapy has instantly increased in value.

2.   It builds trust and nurtures relationships. If you wow well, your client will see you as not just a paid coach or therapist, but as someone who genuinely cares about them.

3.   The wow factor brings you more profits and better client retention. Wowing your clients at key points in your relationship is a guaranteed way to ensure continued profits for your business.


Here are a few simple techniques that are proven to wow your clients. You can also incorporate unique methods of your own once you get the hang of it.


Offer a Free Gift

A simple way to wow is to offer a free gift. Give your client something of value that’s related to your business or issues they’re facing. If it’s useful and it helps them solve a problem, this will provide great value. It can be something as simple as repurposed and repackaged content. It could also be something unrelated just to say “thanks.”


Say Happy Birthday

Remember your client’s birthday and send them a birthday greeting, as well as other important anniversaries, milestones, and holidays. This shows that you take a genuine interest in them. It’s also good for coaches/therapists and clients to connect on a personal level. You might set aside a small portion of a session for a mini celebration to remind them of how far they’ve come.


Connect on Social Media

Connect with clients on social media and interact with them there. Like, comment, share, and show support.


Deliver on Your Promises

This may sound obvious but it’s extremely important. Don’t overpromise and then fail to deliver. Make sure you convey realistically what you can do. In fact, you may even under-promise so that you can wow.


Keep Wowing and Keep Your Clients

The key is to make your wows sustainable. Don’t offer something that’s hard to deliver consistently. You’ll want to employ one of the above strategies to kick off your relationship on the right foot, but also keep the wows coming during your sessions for best results.

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