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Content Promotion Planner

Content Promotion Planner

How often do you create content? Do you have a regular set schedule for content creation or do you just wing it and hope somebody likes it?


Where do you currently publish and promote your content? Are you using more than just your blog? Are you producing content in various formats to attract more people?


These questions about content creation and content promotion really go hand in hand because you can’t promote your content if you don’t have any created. Sure, you can share links to other people’s content on social media – and there’s a time and a place for that kind of promotion – but in general, if your entire plan is to direct your followers to other people’s websites, videos, or podcasts, then why should your followers stick with you? 


This Content Promotion Planner will help you answer these questions and give you step-by-step ways to create the perfect promotions!


Once you purchase this product you will be sent the log-in details to download, or to use the Planner online, as it will be received in different formats to suit your needs.

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